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Carl has been working in the building and construction trades
since 1973 when, to support himself through school, he began doing
built-ins, cabinets, bookcases, moldings and finish-work for NY
area clients. It was then that he discovered his particular gift for design and
carving out space. Over the next fifteen years Carl built an interior
design business, both residential and commercial, helping people to solve
their storage/organizational problems.

Carl has a unique capacity to integrate functional solutions
with aesthetics appropriate to the particular living environment, be it
anywhere from contemporary to traditional, Craftsman to Japanese. He
possesses a wide range of aesthetic possibilities, along with the
skills and craft necessary to finish to the most exacting of standards,
depending upon financial constraints.

With his remarkable gifts for carving out space – an
ability to quickly envision a space completed before any measurements or
drawings have been made – Carl has always offered his design skills for
free, as part of the construction process. He possesses a wide range
of design skills, and can see a job through all phases of work, be
it kitchens, bars, bathrooms, kids’ rooms, etc.

Carl especially enjoys solving problems that ordinarily
require the services of a skilled designer, where he can both solve the
design problem and do the construction or cabinet-work himself. He loves
to work both small and large jobs with particular technical and/or aesthetic complexity,
resolving places of difficulty where things don’t line up
exactly, interfacing old work with new, restoration work matching
wood color, stains and finishes.

Whenever possible Carl uses eco-friendly materials: woods
that have been sustainably harvested, water based finishes,
and avoids uses woods treated with formadehyde, and other noxious
chemicals. He likes to work as eco-friendly and as non-toxic as
possible. Carl is also offer happy to offer handyman services, including
removing dryrot, installing windows, and hanging doors.

To discuss your job with Carl, phone him on his cell at

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