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“Carl just finished our kitchen and it is an amazing transformation. The space feels twice as large and we did not remove any walls or expand the room in any way. It was Carl who came up with the design and handled all the work including, all the lighting, installing of appliances, (even a washer dryer that was not previously in the space), building a soffit, installing new doors and refurbishing some very old windows that now look new. He did the back splash, installed the new sink and faucet, garbage disposal and water purifier as well as some very detailed carpentry work. Carl is reasonable, practical, easy going, a design guru, strong, calm, and a pleasure to work with.”

M. Davis, Berkeley

“Dear Carl, thank you, again, and again, for all you loving attention to our house! We couldn’t have had a better man for the jobs, so many details and you calmly and confidently saw them to completion. Thank you for bringing your many talents to 1524 Linden and having her shine….We feel proud….Thank you for making this house a home, ready for the next chapter of life.”

R. and A., Oakland

Carl Gaard single-handedly fully renovated my own 1896 Queen Anne Victorian some years ago. He is experienced at matching newer construction with older homes. He did everything from redesigning my kitchen (with custom cabinets) and bathrooms, to replacing my windows, repairing my siding, and matching the paint colors. He was especially good at solving my small space and storage problems. He is a gifted designer, with a great sense of color. He even mixed his own colors, when they needed tweaking.  He knows how to work within a budget.”

E.B., Oakland

“I recently had Carl Gaard do a number of projects including rebuilding a door that had extensive dry rot, replace the glass in the door with double paned glass, install a sidelite, align a gate, replace a thermostat and build a clear, acrylic ”awning” over part of my deck. I was pleased with the quality of his work and the price was very reasonable. After having 4 previous handymmen turn down the job (too small?) it was great to find someone willing to take these projects on.”

Susan, Berkeley

“I can highly recommend Carl Gaard for…any finish carpentry work- He has over 35 years of experience and has an incredible design sense- He is also a color expert- He is a great problem solver- he not only does carpentry, he designs too- He has completely redone my house- and it looks stunning- it is transformed- the colors he advised on and mixed (custom) look incredible- as well as the moldings- and general changing around. He is a one in a million!

Sophie, Oakland 

“My wife and I had Carl Gaard do an exterior siding project for us about a year ago on our home in N. Berkeley. We were very pleased with the work he did and we have used him since on other projects. Carl brings a real craftsman sensibility to his work, making many of the pieces that he used on the project.”

Joseph, Berkeley 

“I own a large Queen Anne Victorian which needed major work: complete kitchen gutting and remodel, cabinetry, bathroom replacement, front porch restoration, window replacements, hard-wood floor replacement/repair, molding matches, tiling…. I could go on and on about what had to be done. Contractor Carl Gaard artfully handled the entire chaos, and gave me a new house. As far as I can tell, there is nothing he can’t do, from carving out new space to hanging doors, Carl has an artist’s eye with more than 30 years experience in the trades. And best of all, Carl won’t stop till his clients are satisfied. He is a great value: designer/contractor/handyman, all rolled into one! I whole-heartedly recommend him!

Alex, Oakland



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